Attempting to Make Shakshuka

Stumbling upon shakshuka

As Melbourne is the food capital of Australia, we decided it would be a great for a food holiday. While in Melbourne, we made sure we tried as many cafes as possible. We didn’t do any research beforehand, if we passed a cafe we liked while exploring, we gave it a try.

While we were walking around the city and taking pictures of the graffiti, we passed this little cafe. We were both hungry, so we decided to give it a try. This place was called Bowery to Williamsburg and I absolutely adored it. The staff were great and the food was even better.

Hayden got the waffles with fried chicken, I had already eaten waffles the previous day so I wanted to try something different. I saw this dish on the menu, I had absolutely no idea what it was, as I had never heard of this dish before. “Shakshuka – baked eggs”, I decided to give it a go and ordered Shakshuka. Once my order came, it was gone within 10 minutes. I gobbled the whole thing up.

Shakshuka - Bowery to Williamsburg
Shakshuka – Bowery to Williamsburg

Attempting to make shakshuka

After visiting Melbourne and trying my first Shakshuka, I went onto Google and did some research. How to make this amazing dish, as I wanted to try reproduce this amazing dish at home. Well after lots of reading, I decided to give it a go. From what I read and from videos I found on YouTube, it didn’t look overly complicated. So I bought all my ingredients on Sunday morning and made a nice breakfast for my family. 

There are some few differences between my Shakshuka and Bowery to Williamsburg. Firstly, I couldn’t find provolone at my local shopping centre, so I used what all Greek houses have, Greek Feta cheese.

Below is my attempt at making this dish at home. It must have been delicious as none was left. 

Poached eggs in a rich tomato sauce.
Shakshuka – Poached eggs in a rich tomato sauce.



If you are ever in Melbourne and want to try this awesome cafe, head to, 16 Oliver Lane, Melbourne. 

To try make your own version at home, you can follow my recipe: 


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